But I'm adding peeps just in case I make the shift
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Dunno, I just don't feel at home here ... yet.
But I'm adding people over here as well. Just in case.
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Oh, and I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!!!!
I hope you enjoyed the day.
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Since I saw people posting their links to here, I decided to create an accout here to keep track of friends if they leave LJ.
I'll have to set up properly some other day.
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1. Best wishes for a very happy birthday! Here, have a tea icon.
2. I don't normally read or post here (LJ's interface is one thing it does much better). All the same, backing up doesn't hurt. Especially with so many people fleeing LJ already :-P
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Ditto, ditto. **waves**

I'm not sure about this, yet, but it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan. I guess.
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Hsppy birthday Shiv! In Chile there are 6 more minutes of birthday time for you.
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You were added to my DW some time back. This is just a note to wish you many happy returns on your birthday.