~gives secret wave to old friends in new place~

It's not home till Lucius has moved in.

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Aw, I have nothing to bring for a housewarming present. The place is quite nice. Did Hermione pick out the curtains?
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*hands over bottle of wine*

Happy housewarming! Looks lovely!
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Oh this is you alright. I got confused before once, what with the missing numbers. 'k, you get access

From: [personal profile] jennfic

ooof. I guess there was a reason why I chose green over red (hope he doesn't mind bronze accents...).
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Do the curtains match the drapes, though? That's the main question. :D
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~~ admires the classic color scheme that goes well with everything -- especially Severus ~~

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Cool room and now that Lucius has moved in, it HAS a view.
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*waves back*

Looks good. You can't beat a blond in black for a classic combination. :)